How to Dress Up for Upcoming Party Season

All night long just one thought is running in your mind, am I looking beautiful? Give a little rest to your mind and soul. it’s just your inner voice that’s haunting you [ it is kind of easier to say than done , very much right ] by pulling some strings of fashion and efforts of your own , your mind would be totally in piece next time you attend some parties. Let’s see how’s that possible!


  1. Sing the Song. It's not as difficult as you think it would be , all you got to do is sing the song you like most , take some booze to kill the tension [ you know I don’t mean booze by booze ]and some hours from your life to set the target for the party and guess what ! You just did it, My fellas ! You have achieved the goal for upcoming beautiful night [yeah, just like that] so what say? Let’s do this [NO , not so soon ] just know this that too much agreement kills a chat so you don’t have to agree with me on everything , let’s do this now.
  2. Who cares about what magazines say – let’s say [it’s a top secret , don’t share it with another living soul ] that I am in myself a sicko book warmer , read anything my hands can get from anywhere but I just read them, don’t follow them. Fashion magazines are totally blah when it comes to real common world and a common girl , not that the magazines are wrong but come on , do you actually sleep after taking bath or actually drink 3 Cups  water every day or do yoga because some magazines say so , no princess ! we definitely don’t do the same and just like that , things magazines say might not suit you or you simply can’t follow all . So dress up however you want , it’s party time and the last thing you need is approval from some strangers those don’t even know your name [ really ! you are going to listen them instead of your inner voice] go for the mini prom dresses if you like them with your guts. Even if people say you are little fat for them. You can follow the traditions some other time but this time you can totally go for hot and sweet gowns.
  3. Keep your eyes and mind open – December and parties’ shares a lot of common things together, December means you want to make it memorable that goes for parties too, parties! a chance to correct the mistakes of past and make new relationships [ isn’t this fit for December as well , end of the year and you just want to move on and forget all bad things that happened this whole damn year]. Well, hallelujah , make rock and roll in parties but have you forgot all that your mom always used to say [ dude ! I am talking about your mom not mine. You are the one who finds that frustrating. So try to remember that]. Okay! I meant that keep in mind what’s the timing [don’t go for heat if it’s a night party] , is it rainy season or winter ? and the most important thing is what’s your chariot form  the home to party and party to home [ you obviously don’t want to catch a bus in mini skirt].
  4. I found out reason for me to change me I used to be – tell me about it! [There is this guy you want to impress, yahtzee !] you meet thousands of people but when you go to a party there is one person in your mind [ dress up like princess not like teenager rebellious]  floor length beautiful gown will do that for you. Light color lipstick and little make up that’s it you will drown in to praising comments of other people.
  5. If you are not in the mood – if you are the gal who has this who cares attitude then you are not the follower type [now we are talking]. Well in this case you can wear anything. Your sweat suit too and a jeans with t-shirt or a jump suit from your wardrobe or a traditional dress because that makes you feel more confident.
  6. Throw all chit-chat and advice out of the window – now remember just one thing that no matter what just follow your heart. it is said that The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.  Just know that in the process of impress others first you have to impress yourself. In your heart you have to feel that yes I am dressed up to the nines. And thus my lady you got this chica caliente look.
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