How to Dress Up for a Fancy Occassion

If you have to go somewhere fancy, and don't know what to wear. Read this! There are also tips on preparing for the occasion - for you and for what you will wear.


  1. Dont wear too big an outfit on a small occasion. If its just a small fancy-ish party go with a small go-with-the-flow dress or shirt and skirt
  2. If its a pool party wear a nice bathing suite under a small dress.
  3. For a formal occasion,(prom, debutante, graduation, or other kinds of Balls), wear formal, preferably a long gown. This will be especially so if "black tie" for men is stated.
  4. You may occasionally be invited to a "Masked Ball", or a "Harlequin Ball". You would hire your outfit for these, (unless you are an extremely capable dressmaker).
  5. During any party or occasion its most important to be your self! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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