How to Dress Up for a Twilight Party As Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen is one of the favorite characters in the Twilight series because of her witty, cheery attitude and understanding. If you are going to a Twilight party, she is a good character to go as. She always is exciting one in Twilight. Alice is a girl.


  1. Clothing. Alice is the 'shopper' of the bunch. Which means she loves clothes. You'll want to try to go for something a little bit more stylish than you normally wear. They also like to wear dark colors. The Cullens don't like calling attention to themselves so they don't wear overly fashionable clothes. But that doesn't apply to Alice. If you want to go in a different direction for more of the "twilight movie" look, (like the promo pictures) wear dark jeans, and a light colored shirt.Dress%20Up%20for%20a%20Twilight%20Party%20As%20Alice%20Cullen%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Hair. Alice has very dark hair that is cut pixie-style. Don't dye your hair black, and don't cut your hair unless you want to. If you do, bring some pictures off the Internet for your stylist. You can also look for wigs. Wigs can be expensive so gel it outwards instead. If you can not find a wig for Alice, try buying a wig and cutting it the Alice style.Dress%20Up%20for%20a%20Twilight%20Party%20As%20Alice%20Cullen%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Dying Advice: For those who are planning on dying your hair definitely get the help of a friend. The least expensive route would be to buy the dye and do it yourself. Ask a stylist just how dark it is safe for you to go before you look a
  4. Skin. Alice, being a vampire, has very pale skin. You can try makeup concealers that are light colored. Alice doesn't have skin issues such as acne. Neither does she have freckles. You can use face creams and makeup to cover them. Her skin is also very soft. Alice doesn't wear makeup as she doesn't want to look overly glamorous. Don't use too much color for makeup--leave it very natural and pale except for lips. She doesn't do too much shiny gloss. Get a dark purple eye pencil or shadow and put some on your finger so you don't get too much and rub a bit under your eyes, if you don't have a dark purple you can use dark blue. In the book they mention they have purple under their eyes, they really haven't slept for about 100 or so years.Dress%20Up%20for%20a%20Twilight%20Party%20As%20Alice%20Cullen%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Eyes. If you are willing to spend, you can buy gold and topaz colored contacts, or if you are going for the darker look she can have coal black eyes. But if you don't have that much cash, eye color doesn't really matter.Dress%20Up%20for%20a%20Twilight%20Party%20As%20Alice%20Cullen%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Accessories. You can have a designer bag or an uneaten apple in your hands. Alice also has a choker. You can get these at Hot Topic or FYE for about twenty dollars. Books-A-Million stores may also carry the choker, and the crest wristbands.Dress%20Up%20for%20a%20Twilight%20Party%20As%20Alice%20Cullen%20Step%206.jpg


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