How to Dress Up in a Pencil Skirt with Color Blocking

Color blocking is a technique of wearing vibrant, bright colors together in an outfit. Putting these colors together for a pencil skirt look is very flattering but might seem quite nerve-wracking. Here's how you can do it without hitting the panic button.


  1. Choose the colors. If you are dressing up an outfit in color blocking for the first time, it is necessary to keep in mind that bright colors are quite difficult to carry off at the first time.
    • Start off by picking out a clothing item of any neutral color (beige, black, white, cream or any of their shades). It would be better if you choose the top to be of this color. Make sure the top is flowy or loose as this just balances out the outfit and makes it wearable on a daily basis.
    • Next up choose a bright color of your choice for the pencil skirt. Choose colors like hot pink, cobalt blue, mint green or orange. Make sure it suits your skin tone and personality. Choose neon colors if you wish. Neon colors are basically just highlighter versions of the bright colors.
  2. Add a third or fourth piece. Once you have chosen the base, it's time to get going with the scarves, belts and gloves.
    • Choose a coral shade for your scarf. Corals tend to efficiently compliment your neutrals.
    • Gloves, if needed should be of a bright color, contrasting the bright color you chose.
    • Belts can be black. Black just beautifully intensifies the Brightness of your pencil skirt.
  3. Accessorize. Add a few pieces of jewelry to your outfit. Go for delicate neck pieces. Earrings can be either delicate or bold depending on your choice of dressing. Go for feather earrings if you wish to wear a bold and beautiful look. If you wish to keep it subtle, choose studs that compliment your neutrals. Red%20feather%20earrings.jpg
  4. Shoes. Wearing heels gives you a lot of confidence, but make sure they are of the right height. If your heels are too high, you might just fall face first and convert the outfit into an unflattering mess. Wear pencil heels if you are comfortable or wedges if you like. Go for strappy sandals if you want to have a smart, everyday look.
  5. Bags and Clutches. Bags and Clutches can be either neutral or pastel again depending on your style.
  6. Make-up. This part is the make or break of your outfit. Wear very light make-up. A light foundation with an almost nude lipstick and light mascara can do good and enough. Simple%20smoky%20eye02.jpg



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