How to Dress Up like the Lumpy Space Princess

LSP.jpg In cosplay, for fun or for Halloween, looking like Lumpy Space Princess is cool.


  1. Pick one shade of purple having many different purples will not look good.
  2. Get a purple shirt and black pants. Leggings or tights are best. Make sure your shirt isn't lumpy and is long sleeved.
  3. Get black shoes.
  4. Get a wig. It should be purple and lumpy/curly. Avoid getting a wig with bangs.
  5. Make an LSP body. Use a stiffer fabric like felt. Use a Measure from your knee to shoulder. Make two identical lumpy shapes about that long. Sew them together leaving foot long holes for your arms and a hole for your head. Stop sewing six inches from the bottom. Flip inside out and stuff if desired.
  6. Paint your face purple.
  7. Paint a wide star on your forehead.



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