How to Dress Vintage Glam

Dress%20Vintage%20Glam%20Intro.jpgAs interesting as modern fashion is, there's something so much more charming about vintage clothing. Read this guide to find out how to be a classic glamour girl in modern times.


  1. Pay attention to the structure. Most glamorous vintage clothes are made to make you look like you have an hourglass figure. It is however okay if you don't have one, because everyone has their natural figure for a reason. To get the look, wear a pencil skirt, buttoned tight around your waist, and a plain white blouse or a cinched at waist dress the with some cute flats or heels.
  2. Wear a scarf appropriately. As opposed to wearing it wrapped or draped around your neck, look for a smaller scarf (it looks best in red, black, or black and white polka dots, the fabric is your choice, from gauzy to silk) and knot it around your neck, tightly...but don't choke yourself.
  3. Find some good 'vintage' clothing. A good source of vintage clothing, if you have the time is 'Out of the Closet' a vintage chain store that donates to medical charities. If you have time to sift through the stuff at any vintage store, just take an afternoon to find some nice staples for a pretty low price (except at Aardvarks) like old fashioned jeans, mini skirts, t-shirts, and jackets in leather or denim, in whatever color suits you.
  4. Pay attention to the makeup. The make-up- There are 3 ways to go for old makeup, but one thing remains the same: the eyes and eyelashes are always dramatic and defined, but not in bright colors. Beauty marks, even if they're really just freckles are a must. Lipstick can be red, bright pink, or nude, but the lower key the lip color, the more dramatic the eyes should be.
  5. Go with your personal style, but never go over the top. You want to seem chic, or even fun-loving, but not insane.



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