How to Dress Warmly in the Winter Season

The cold winter season has joined us. Everyone is glad to be warm- with some wishing for the summer. Even though some places aren't too snowy, it's still cold. Snow or no snow everyone is pretty cold at this point. So we try to stay warm, right? One way is to dress warmly.


  1. Get out all your winter items! Get gloves, scarfs, beanies, coats, boots, long sleeve shirts, long pants/leggings, and earmuffs. Get out your lightest on those days when it's not so cold, and get out your heaviest when it feels like there's a snowstorm outside.
  2. Wear the best items for the day.
    • Check your local weather reports for a good look on the weather and what you should wear.
    • If you are not going to wear something longer than an hour, don't bother wearing it unless you absolutely have to.
  3. If you must dress in everything that has been mentioned so far, put it on in this order that is spread out in the next few steps. Put the long sleeve shirt and long pants/leggings on before these steps.
  4. Put the beanie on. Place it on your head carefully. If it hangs over your ears enough you might not need to put earmuffs on.
  5. Put your earmuffs on. This goes on top of the beanie and lands on your ears. If this is not comfy, and the beanie covers the ears, do not put them on.
  6. Put your coat on.
  7. Put your socks on and your boots.
  8. Finally, put your scarf and gloves on.



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