How to Dress Well As a Tall and Thin Man

There are many things that a tall and thin man can do to bring the emphasis on him- and not on his height and weight. Here are a number of simple tips to make dressing/shopping easy.


  1. The suit is a very important part of a man's wardrobe. A suit which has checks, window pane fabrics are best for tall men as the horizontal lines in them seem to decrease the height, while adding broadness to the frame.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%201.jpg
  2. The best colors for a suit are lighter shades. The best colors for a business suit are light grey, tan, beige, and medium navy blue.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%202.jpg
  3. The unmatched suit is a great way to cut the vertical lines of the tall man's silhouette. Choosing colors which contrast each-other and are from different color families [navy blue pants with tan blazer] work to cut the vertical lines and visually segment the body. Textured fabrics are very helpful in adding more weight to the frame.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Having a jacket with a ticket pocket [a small pocket above the right pocket of the jacket] helps in distracting from the height. Choosing a heavier material like twill or tweed looks fantastic on tall, thin men. Double Breasted jackets also add weight to the frame.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%204.jpg
  5. A jacket which ends just below the bottom is the perfect length for a tall man. This helps in cutting the line of the leg and making the leg appear shorter.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Lapels with very large widths make the man appear thinner while thin lapels emphasize the vertical lines in a tall man's body. It is best to choose medium sized lapels which suit the frame of the body.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%206.jpg
  7. Creating a point of emphasis around the button-hole area, using pocket squares, or lapel pins create an emphasis point- bringing the attention to one location. Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%207.jpg
  8. Trousers with a larger trouser cuffs can be used to your advantage. 1 and 7/8 inches is the best length. Ensure the trousers reach at least the top of the shoe.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%208.jpg
  9. Reverse pleated trousers give the pants a more robust appearance; well suited for leaner frames. Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%209.jpg
  10. Straight leg/ Boot Cut jeans are the best for this body type. Ensure that the jeans fit well around the rear- creating the illusion of added weight and wider legs.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%2010.jpg
  11. Choosing shirts with horizontal designs help cut the vertical lines and add broadness to the frame. Lighter colors work well.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%2011.jpg
  12. Layering is a great way to add visual weight to the body. A full sleeved t-shirt under a regular T-shirt adds weight.Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%2012.jpg
  13. The bow tie is an interesting alternative to the regular tie, adding horizontal lines to the frame. Dress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%2013.jpg
  14. When choosing a necktie look for a striped one which is of a bright color. Ensure that the tie knot is in proportion to the size of your neck- a smaller knot will harmonize better with the proportions. Extra long neck-ties are generally best suited for men above the height of 3inDress%20Well%20As%20a%20Tall%20and%20Thin%20Man%20Step%2014.jpg




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