How to Dress Well on Stardoll

Make-up is not the only one seen but also the clothes that you wear. Want to dress good at Stardoll? Here are some tips for you.


Choosing your style

  1. Think of a style that you want. Is it Goth, Earthy or Girly?Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Imagine that outfit. Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%202.jpg

Styled by you

  1. Choose clothes from your wardrobe that fit that style. If you have stardollars or starcoins, you can but at the starplaza or starbazaar.Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%203.jpg
  2. Wear your clothes. Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%204.jpg
  3. Congrats for the new outfit! Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%205.jpg

Styled by others

  1. Think if you really need to do this option. If you can style yourself, you may not choose this.Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%206.jpg
  2. Make sure you have enough money. If you don't have, you might get embarrassed.Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%207.jpg
  3. Search for people who have Stylist Career. Try the Top Stylist list.Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%208.jpg
  4. Get in line. Write your chosen style and price range.Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%209.jpg
  5. Wait for it. This might take days.Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%2010.jpg
  6. If you have a new email, check your email (on Stardoll) then click on the message that you have been styled. Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%2011.jpg
  7. If you like what he/she has prepared for you then you can buy it. Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%2012.jpg
  8. Congrats for the new outfit! Dress%20Well%20on%20Stardoll%20Step%2013.jpg

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