How to Dress Your Coolest

It's easy and cool


  1. If you're a boy you wear hats if you're a girl that's fine too knit caps and snap backs are the best kind to wearDress%20Your%20Coolest%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Shirt. Get a comfortable shirt logo or no logo. v-necks are a very cool style of t-shirt for boys and girls.Dress%20Your%20Coolest%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Pants. Skinny Jeans are the newest fad around well everywhere because they make anyone look awesome. Jeggings for girls. Bermuda shirts in the summer for boys and girls.Dress%20Your%20Coolest%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Shoes. High Tops are the style of shoes that make you look like a rockstar get shoes from brands like Nike and Adidas. Flip Flops are good at the beach and in the summer I prefer wearing faded glory those have pretty cool styles.Dress%20Your%20Coolest%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Don't wear jeans like flares that's not the fashion anymore. Dress%20Your%20Coolest%20Step%205.jpg
  6. If you follow all of these steps you are gonna dress for success. Dress%20Your%20Coolest%20Step%206.jpg



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