How to Dress Your Pet Rock for a Special Occasion

Dress%20Your%20Pet%20Rock%20for%20a%20Special%20Occasion%20Intro.jpg. Read on to find out how to dress your pet rock for any special occasion.


  1. Clean your pet rock. If your pet rock is dirty when you dress it, you could spoil the clothes.
  2. Dress your girl pet rock in a dress, tiara, or any pretty set of sparkly clothes.
    • Make a dress. Find pink, gold, silver or sparkly cloth. Measure it around your rock's waist and cut to that length. Tape it or sew it to make it stay. You can use paper to make pet rock clothes.
    • Tiara- Nothing's perfect without a tiara! Buy a bendaroo or something bendable at Wal-Mart or where ever you can find them. Now get tough construction paper (a color that matches the dress). Cut 4-6 small strands of paper. Tape it into a cylinder. Glue it together to make it a tiara. Now add little diamonds and accessories to make it princessy.
  3. Use doll clothes for a pet rock special occasion, if they fit.
  4. Apply make up using a sharper to your pet rock if you like.
  5. Dress your boy pet rock in a bow tie and a fancy hat.
    • Bow Tie- Bow ties go around the neck. Get your rocks favorite color of cloth then measure it to fit around your rocks neck. Tape/Sew to make it stay. Add a matching bow to the part where you taped/sewed it to hide the markings. There you have it, a bow tie.
    • Fancy Hat- Get cloth and make it into a cylinder with no top or bottom on it. Just a belly. Then put a square at the bottom and add decoration.


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