How to Dress Yourself

Dress%20Yourself%20Intro.jpgYou want to dress for you. Not for anyone else, you are sick of feeling uncomfortable with yourself. Well get prepared, after you read this you will be able to start finding your personal style. Feeling fabulous, of course!


  1. Go through your clothes. Do you feel comfortable with your clothing? Whether your answer was yes or no, picking up some fashion magazines from the store can help you find things you want to incorporate into your own look. Oh, and to answer your question, yes I know we are not free to buy what we want, but, I am getting there with my next step.
  2. Spend your money wisely, search for the best deals. After going through your mags, go to stores that suit your budget. Such as, local thrift stores, department stores, etc. Pick out what you like, based on what you picked out in the mags. Try it on, Do you like it? Do you feel totally comfortable in what you are wearing?
  3. Have a few key pieces in your wardrobe. A key piece of clothing is something you can throw on, dress up or down, and accessorize. For example, a flirty, black, plain dress. You can throw this on when you are going out for a drink with friends with some simple jewelry and colorful flats. When going somewhere, such as a cocktail party throw on some heels, and a big bold necklace.
  4. Put your special spin on everything you wear. Base your outfits on what is in style but, it is important to be yourself and feel comfortable. If you like bright colors, add something bright to your outfit. Don't be afraid to be you. Look and feel great on the inside and out.


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