How to Dress a 12 Year Old

Dressing a 12 year old is a bit of a challenge. By this age, your pre-teen is very close to informing you how to dress better! The problem is, however, that if it's still your budget dressing your teen, then you need to keep a rein over the prices, as well as ensuring that the clothing is appropriate from the point of view of health and modesty.


  1. Let your 12 year old dress sensibly. Tell your pre-teen that he or she can begin to decide for themselves what they can buy to wear, provided that they can demonstrate responsible restraint in both costs and types of clothing.Dress%20a%2012%20Year%20Old%20Step%201%20Version%202.jpg
  2. Set a few basic ground rules. These should include:Dress%20a%2012%20Year%20Old%20Step%202%20Version%202.jpg
    • Nothing revealing,
    • Nothing too much like adult clothing
    • Nothing over a certain price (or it has to be within their allowance)
  3. Decide on makeup. Especially for girls, the amount of makeup is of concern. At this age, your pre-teen should be keeping light on the makeup or not even using it. Also keep in mind that cosmetics can be very unhealthy for young skin. Make some ground rules. Some ideas to consider include:Dress%20a%2012%20Year%20Old%20Step%203.jpg
    • Lip gloss and lip balm OK
    • Clear nail polish OK
    • Everything else run by mom or dad first
  4. Decide when your pre-teen can have control over their own hair style. Twelve is a good age to allow your son or daughter to start making their own decisions about hairstyles.Dress%20a%2012%20Year%20Old%20Step%204.jpg


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