How to Dress a Bay Window

Bay windows bring a unique style element to a room and a home. From the outside, they provide detail to the house. Inside, their size and structure can provide additional light, as well as an interesting visual element. Decorating them can be a challenge due to the way the 3 window panes relate to one another, and the way they push out of the house's otherwise linear frame. To avoid hiding the window, or overdoing its decor, dress a bay window simply and elegantly. There are several ways to accomplish this.


  1. Choose a rod or rods for the bay window. Whether the bay window treatment will include curtains, scarves, draperies or custom blinds, they will need to hang from rods that are fastened to the walls. These rods will need to be sized to fit the space in the bay window.Dress%20a%20Bay%20Window%20Step%201.jpg
    • Choose metal, wood or another material. Measure the area and make sure the color and the hardware match the paint and other decor in the room. Install the hardware with a drill or screwdriver.
  2. Hang simple curtains. There are many styles available, in different colors and patterns. Choose sheer curtains that hang to the windowsill, cafe style curtains that separate the sections of the window, or full length drapes that can be tied back or kept closed over the window for more privacy. If even more simplicity is desired, forgo the curtains and use a valance across the tops of the window, or a scarf wrapped around the rods.Dress%20a%20Bay%20Window%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Choose blinds in addition to, or instead of, curtains or drapes. Different sizes and styles are available in wood or vinyl blinds, and custom blinds can be made and installed. Mini-blinds can be kept open during the day to allow the light to come through the windows, and then closed in the evening to ensure privacy.Dress%20a%20Bay%20Window%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Try adjustable shades. Options include Roman shades, paper shades, and fabric or vinyl varieties. They can be pulled down over the window for privacy and shelter. Shades will work if the light coming through the bay window tends to be too bright, and needs a filter. Shades can hang on their own, or complement curtains or drapes.Dress%20a%20Bay%20Window%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Dress the space between the windows. Instead of focusing on window dressings that cover the window, hang drapes between each window. This will add style and texture without covering the windows.Dress%20a%20Bay%20Window%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Create a window seat. Most bay windows include a ledge, or a bench running across the bottom of the window. Put some cushions down to make the window seat a comfortable place to relax or watch the world from the window.Dress%20a%20Bay%20Window%20Step%206.jpg


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