How to Dress a Groom for a Wedding

Almost wedding day? Asking "How ever shall I get my husband/groom dressed for the big day?" Stick with these steps and it's as impossible as rolling a 7 with a die to fail!!


  1. Start shopping for things that fit him and suit him most. If you think that he is more 'lumber jack' I suggest you get him a suit and tie and for the party, a little bit of plaid. I know it sounds silly but it's your wedding, so make the best of it.Dress%20a%20Groom%20for%20a%20Wedding%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Change the hairstyle. Change his hairstyle into something more elegant. If he has frizzy hair smooth it down for a different look. Use gel or go to a salon - do whatever. Just get his hair to look as fancy as the bride's!Dress%20a%20Groom%20for%20a%20Wedding%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Think about the shoes. Most people think "Okay just slip on some loafers and for the after party put some of your sneakers on". NO WAY! You have fit his personality. If he rides motorcycles don't put him in loafers, put him in something that HE likes. Most people don't even think about what the bride and groom are wearing on their feet, forget asking others. It's about personal preference and style.Dress%20a%20Groom%20for%20a%20Wedding%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Trust. Friends are mostly trustworthy. If they are throwing you a wedding then it's possible they will do things on their own and not ask you. Hopefully, they don't need to confirm something you like something, because they already DO know what you like.Dress%20a%20Groom%20for%20a%20Wedding%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Wedding day. People will get frustrated with all the stress. Calm your bride and the rest of the crew. It's your job to do that. After your wedding take your bride somewhere fun - water park, park, spa, or something else that makes you both happy and make that "your place". A place that you can later just say: "Meet me at our place" and they'll understand. This is very romantic and one of the many reasons that you guys loved and got married to each other!Dress%20a%20Groom%20for%20a%20Wedding%20Step%205.jpg


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