How to Dress a Monster High in Fashion

Do you want to dress a Monster High in fashion? If so, you came to right place!


  1. Get a Monster High and then start by looking at the clothes and think about it.
  2. Look for the clothes you want to put on the Monster High. You can buy these in the store "Fashion Packs". You can also check Ebay and Etsy for handmade, affordable doll clothes.
  3. Be sure to color coordinate shoes, clothing, and accessories. You definitely don't want the doll to be tacky!
  4. Start by taking your Monster High and taking the unfashionable clothes off.
  5. Now put the fashionable clothes on.
  6. Now the makeover.
  7. Get your makeup out.
  8. Get your eye blush and lightly bap the blush on the upper eyelid.
  9. Apply lipstick. This can be tricky, so read carefully.
  10. Twist the lid of the lipstick not to high, but little and then lightly put the lipstick on your Monster High.

How To make some Clothes

Tube top/tank top

  1. You need a hot glue gun, scissors, and cloth.
  2. Cut a piece of cloth large enough to wrap your monster high dolls body.
  3. Hot glue it closed it the form of a tube. This can be a tube top, and just cut arm holes to make a tank top.


  1. Cut a piece of cloth large enough to wrap around her hips, and long enough to reach her knees, or make it longer.
  2. Hot glue it like a tube and you've got a pencil skirt.

Poufy skirt

  1. Cut a piece of cloth large enough to fit around her hips, and cut it in the shape of a triangle, so it gets wider at the bottom.
  2. Cut it to the desired length, and hot glue on the back like a tube, so that the edges you are hot gluing stay the same all the way down the skirt.


  1. Cut a piece of cloths large enough to wrap around her waist, and long enough to go just above her knees.
  2. Glue it in the back like a tube.
  3. Cut a line up the middle of the "Skirt", leaving an inch at the top holding it together.
  4. Now, you should have a skirt with 2 wide pieces of cloth sticking out.
  5. Hot glue the 2 pieces that are sticking out like tubes, and cut a thin strip of cloth of scrap fabric and glue it on the crotch area where the skin shows.
  6. Clip off all excess.


  1. Cut some paper in an oval shape large enough to fit her feet.
  2. Cut straps to go across her feet to hold it on, and a tiny one running from the bottom of the shoe to in between her big toe, and hot glue it to the larger strap.
  3. Add 2 or 3 beads for heels.

The Big finish

Put on all clothes. You are done!

Things You'll Need

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