How to Dress a Salad Healthily

So, you want to eat something delicious, but you need something healthy, right? You opt for a salad. Gross.... How about some ranch? Put some here, pour some there. Next thing you know... It's not healthy... This article will give you tips on how to make a regular greens salad taste, well, good!


  1. Try spices. Depending on how big the salad is, you probably won't gain so many calories with some good spices in it.
  2. Add lemon to your salad. It leaves a nice zest to the leaves and pleases the taste buds. Lemons tend to be acidic, so if you have starved yourself lately, lemon will be bad.
  3. Find a dressing that you like. One cup of ranch has the same amount of calories as two very large jugs of salsa. Try putting salsa in your salad. The more flavor, the more satisfied you will feel. Also try a ginger dressing. This can be found in your local Central Market, or possibly Whole Foods.
  4. Add a drink. Instead of opting for dressing or whatnot, you can drink flavor instead. Try a cocktail sauce such as Clamato, or a Mango smoothie! But don't mix riches. If you have a smoothie and a dressing, you will only end up gaining calories.



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