How to Dress a Stuffed Animal for a Special Occcasion

Do want your stuffed toy to look cuter for a special occasion? If yes, read on. Remember this makeover is only temporary. If you wash the toy, some things may go off. Method 1 of 2 is for a girl and method 2 of 2 is for a boy. Every thing is optional.


Method 1 of 2: Girl

  1. Add blush/cheek stains any color you want to your stuffed animal ! To do that, just dip your fingerĀ into the blush powder or stick and spread evenly.
  2. Tie a neck ribbon for more style!
  3. Add some cologne/perfume.
  4. Add a hair clip if your stuffed toy has thin ears.
  5. If it has fur, comb it until it's sleek.
  6. You may make it wear clothes.

Method 2 of 2: Boy

  1. Comb its fur if it has fur.
  2. Make it wear a tie.
  3. Make it wear crotchet black baby booties for its shoes or any kind of socks.
  4. Make it wear a top hat. You can even make one with paper!
  5. Add on cologne/perfume



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