How to Dress and Act Emo

If you're trying to transition into emo, and you don't want to look like a poser, here's the way to make it smooth.


  1. 1 Start slowly. Don't show up to school one day wearing all black. Slowly start wearing darker colors.
  2. Then I would suggest getting your hair layered and dyed a cool color, but it's not necessary.
  3. 3 Wear black or neon nail polish and thick black eye liner. Boys, I wouldn't wear neon nail polish because it doesn't look too emo on guys, but it's totally up to you.
  4. 4 Be prepared for hostility. People look down on those who dress and act different. So be ready for people to shun you. They might not, but it's good to expect it in a new situation. Be friendly, but cautious.
  5. 5 Get to know the music. If you don't know the music, you look like a poser. I'm emo and wouldn't judge you, but not everyone is me, so unless you want to be considered silly and an attention addict, learn a bit about the music. Some of my favorite bands are as follows. My Chemical Romance Linkin Park (they aren't really emo, but Hybrid Theory is a great album) Panic! at the Disco Jimmy Eat World Fall Out Boy Rites of Spring Dashboard Confessional Funeral for a Friend Silverstein
  6. 6 Get to know other emo people. Nothing is better than having someone help you out with your make-up and tell you when the next concert for your guy's favorite band is. It's nice to have people who you can connect with. But that doesn't mean you should forget your other friends.
  7. 7 You shouldn't really jump out and offer up the fact that you're emo. When a guy at school asked me if I was emo, I said "I don't really care for labels, lets just leave it at that." You don't have to deny it, but I wouldn't just be like, "Oh yeah, guys btw, I'm emo...." cause that sounds poserish.


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