How to Dress and Act Like Pinkie Pie

Just spend 5 minuets of your time to read this article, and you will know how to act and dress like Pinkie Pie!


Acting like her

  1. Make people laugh! Pinkie Pie is the element of laughter after all! Even doing just a little prank to one of your friends can brighten their day!
  2. Bake sweets and share them with your friends!  Nothing makes your friends smile like homemade cookies!
  3. Speak up!  Nobody's ever told Pinkie Pie to talk louder!

Looking Like Her

  1. Wear lots of Pink!  It's ok to wear other colours, but make your outfit mainly pink!
  2. Skip wherever you go! Just not indoors, if you skip upstairs the people downstairs will think there's a tornado upstairs...
  3. Smile!  This ones simple, and when you smile the people around you will too!

Being Like Her

  1. Stand out!  Pfft, don't follow any trends, do your own thing! The last thing Pinkie would be trying to do is trying to fit in!
  2. Have tons of friends!  Try to be friends with everyone in your school!
  3. Throw parties! Have one once a month! (if it's ok with your parents) Even if it's only a sleepover with some close friends, it still counts!
  4. Make jokes! If you trip or fall, say something like 'who put that floor here!'
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