How to Dress and Act Like a Sunny or Summer Tumblr Girl

Tumblr girls are kind, funny, beautiful, cute, and someone everyone wants to be. And even you can be one. Just read on!


  1. Dress up your hair. Your hair should be very pretty, shiny, clean, and healthy. Most Tumblr girls hair is long. If your hair is short, it's okay. Maybe get hair extensions? Or make a statement and leave it short. Go on Tumblr or Google Images and type in 'Tumblr girl' or 'Tumblr girl hair' Get inspiration from that.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20a%20Sunny%20or%20Summer%20Tumblr%20Girl%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear light summer-like makeup. Concealer under your eyes, skin tone colored eye shadow (optional), some EOS or Baby Lips, and maybe a winged eye liner, and mascara. Big, full, eye lashes are beautiful! But I don't recommend buying fake ones.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20a%20Sunny%20or%20Summer%20Tumblr%20Girl%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Get a summer wardrobe. Since it's hot/sunny, your tops should consist of: Crop tops, loose tank tops, camis in basic colors, light sweater, and a cardigan or two. Pants should be skinny jeans, high waisted shorts, cute skirts, and thin leggings in black, grey, or navy blue. Your shoes should be Vans, Converse, flats, or combat boots. Don't wear too much jewelry, maybe a light necklace or charm bracelet. Every Tumblr girl wears an anklet. For a bikini, try to get a bandeau top; they're super cute. Get something in a bright, and vibrant color.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20a%20Sunny%20or%20Summer%20Tumblr%20Girl%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Act like a summer Tumblr girl. Be cute, nice, and a bit flirty! Play with the tips of your hair, cover your mouth when you smile, and seem a bit shy. When someone talks to you, be fun and cool. Don't laugh too hard, giggle. (Everyone thinks its adorable) Slightly bite your lip. Be kind to other people, and have fun!Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20a%20Sunny%20or%20Summer%20Tumblr%20Girl%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Eat healthy. But, if someone offers to buy you Dippin' Dots, say yes, and enjoy them. It's polite to do, and, I mean, come on... It's Dippin Dots. Eat slowly; but not too slow. Take a bite 3 seconds after the person your eating with takes a bite (That way you get done about the same time)Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20a%20Sunny%20or%20Summer%20Tumblr%20Girl%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Take care of your skin. Since it's sunny or summer, wear sunscreen! You don't want a sunburn do you? No. I don't think so. Shave, and put lotion on. Try to shave your legs and stuff one hour before you leave to go swim or something.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20a%20Sunny%20or%20Summer%20Tumblr%20Girl%20Step%206.jpg
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