How to Dress and Act Like an Indie Girl

Indie girls are happy, popular and oh so very vogue.


  1. Dress indie. Indie girls are always in fashion without being mainstream. They dress however they feel like. Dark skinny jeans like denim or grey are in. Then with maybe a cute vintage top. Also dresses with floral print or something of the like on, tights and boots/flats look good as well. When shopping think Kate Nash, Peaches Geldof, Mischa Barton etc.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20an%20Indie%20Girl%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Get accessories. There are tons of accessories you can add to your outfit. You could wear little beret hats. Wrap long beaded necklaces around your neck a few times, or wear a long chain necklace with a cross or other charm. Sliver bracelets rings and cute earrings. Earrings can be pretty much anything, so long as it looks stunning with your outfit. Wear cloth headbands and woven cloth bracelets. Stick to earthy tones to enhance your look. Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20an%20Indie%20Girl%20Step%204.jpg
  3. Wear appropriate footwear. While the newest, coolest shoes may go great with another look, indie girls are into older, quieter styles. Get a pair of aviator boots and fold the top down so the fur shows. Or wear a simple pair of black Converse.
  4. Be quirky and cool. Indie kids are always laid back and easy to get on with (cool), but they're also happy and a bit loud, don't be over the top though! If you're shy then that can work as well.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20an%20Indie%20Girl%20Step%202.jpg
  5. Listen to Indie bands. Indie kids tend to like their own style of music so you can like whatever you want really. But some Indie bands originally mean Independent Label. Like The Verve. But recently Indie has become mainstream so try bands like The Kooks, Manic Street Preachers, Florence And The Machine, One Night Only, Missy Higgins, the Vaccines and Two Door Cinema Club etc.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20an%20Indie%20Girl%20Step%203.jpg
  6. Work on your hair. Your hair will complete any look. If you're having a bad hair day, wear a hat, but other than that, your hair can be any length and either blonde or black or brunette or red is good. Having a few layers looks good but don't go overboard because that will make you look scene not indie. A side fringe suits most people, but so does a full fringe so pick whichever you prefer. Tie your hair up if it's long enough, it'll make you look more "Wow!" when you have it down.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20an%20Indie%20Girl%20Step%205.jpg
  7. Be sociable! Don't stay inside being boring, go outside with your friends hang out have a laugh and take pictures to remember good times. However when it's colder you won't want to be outside as much, have sleep-overs as much as you can. You should still be active on something like MSN, Bebo, Myspace, Facebook etc because that will give you more friends.Dress%20and%20Act%20Like%20an%20Indie%20Girl%20Step%206.jpg


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