How to Dress and Get Ready for a Bat Mitzvah

Let's say it's your friend's Bat Mitzvah. You've both been looking forward to it. But then you realize, how do I get ready? What should I wear?


  1. Determine what type of Bat Mitzvah you are going to. It will usually say at the bottom of the invitation. If it says party wear, it means a dress. If it says cocktail wear, it means pretty fancy.Dress%20and%20Get%20Ready%20for%20a%20Bat%20Mitzvah%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Find a dress. This dress should be a fancy dress that can be worn to both the service and the party if you want to. When picking a color, remember about skin tones and don't pick one that will make you look green. If you are wearing a dress to a service, it needs to cover your knees and your shoulders. You could wear a jacket.Dress%20and%20Get%20Ready%20for%20a%20Bat%20Mitzvah%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Pick shoes. Shoes are such an important essential to your outfit even though in some cases you might take them off. When picking shoes, pick a very natural color that will look good with any dress so you can wear them many times. You don't want to make your heel to high that is uncomfortable.Dress%20and%20Get%20Ready%20for%20a%20Bat%20Mitzvah%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Pick jewelry and a bag. The jewelry and bag should match and not have gold detailing on one and silver on another.Dress%20and%20Get%20Ready%20for%20a%20Bat%20Mitzvah%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Do your makeup. When doing makeup, you want to consider your dress color. If you have a light dress color, you will want lighter makeup. If you have a darker dress, darker makeup would be good.Dress%20and%20Get%20Ready%20for%20a%20Bat%20Mitzvah%20Step%205.jpg
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