How to Dress and Groom Yourself for a Movie Date

There are many different styles you can have on different dates. When going to a movie you should keep it comfy and appropriate and not overdo it how you would possibly do for a rock concert. This article is for a pretty clean look for a romantic movie date.


  1. Make sure you are prepared. Have ready what you will need and decide how you will look.Dress%20and%20Groom%20Yourself%20for%20a%20Movie%20Date%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Make sure you take a shower or have a bath so you are clean. You should always be clean when going on a date. It will make you look beautiful because your skin and hair will be clean.Dress%20and%20Groom%20Yourself%20for%20a%20Movie%20Date%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Get into your clothes. You should wear whatever you want. Wear skinny jeans, or any other kind or jeans if you want. Put on a tank top or T-shirt, and sneakers or flats if that's what you feel comfortable in. Don't wear anything you think is too revealing. If you wear a spaghetti strap top you could wear a hoodie over it. You can wear any color, a color that is flattering to your coloring would be best.Dress%20and%20Groom%20Yourself%20for%20a%20Movie%20Date%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Decide on using or not using makeup, either is fine. If you want to wear any, maybe go with a foundation powder you are used to wearing so you don't worry about getting a new product right.Dress%20and%20Groom%20Yourself%20for%20a%20Movie%20Date%20Step%204.jpg
    • Eye liner- Thin line under your bottom lashes and on your top lid above your lashes if you want to....use a thick line or a thin line but try to keep it smooth and even. Think about wearing waterproof eye liner if there's a chance the movie your are seeing will have sad scenes that might make you cry. Your look won't be spoilt by tears if you wear waterproof products.Dress%20and%20Groom%20Yourself%20for%20a%20Movie%20Date%20Step%204Bullet1.jpg
    • Apply eye shadow if desired- any color that flatters your outfit or eye color is good. Don’t put on what you think of as too much on.Dress%20and%20Groom%20Yourself%20for%20a%20Movie%20Date%20Step%204Bullet2.jpg
    • Apply Lipstick/gloss if desired. Consider a kiss proof product, this is a date after all.Dress%20and%20Groom%20Yourself%20for%20a%20Movie%20Date%20Step%204Bullet3.jpg
  5. Style your hair: Use your favourite products to make your hair look it's nicest. It'll be dark in the cinema so a really elaborate 'do' might be wasted, its really up to you though. Use hair products that smell great if you like, then if your date snuggles up to you during the movie, perhaps during a scary scene, they'll think how great your hair smells.Dress%20and%20Groom%20Yourself%20for%20a%20Movie%20Date%20Step%205.jpg


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