How to Dress and Look Edgy

Its all about going over the top!


  1. Don't be boring with your clothing. Don't you just hate boring and plain looking shorts? Well, when dressing edgy, wear shorts that have dazzling studs or spikes on them! You could also wear shorts that have ripped holes or are frayed at the bottom.
  2. Wear cool graphic tops that have cool meanings to them, crop tops (aka belly shirts), or shirts that are ripped in the front or back!
  3. Wear vest or jackets with spikes on them.
  4. Wear colorful spike hats with cool graphic words on them.
  5. You could also wear ripped denim jeans, jeans that have cool patches as back pockets, or jeans with faded designs on them. You could also pull of those awesome jeans with gold or silver chains hanging from the side.
  6. Wear sneaker wedges, high heels with spikes, boots with spikes, or tacky boots.
  7. Wear over sized sunglasses. You could wear ones with chains hanging down front the top or tinted glasses.
  8. If you have short hair, put your hair in a mohawk, bob cut, or a pixie cut. If you have long hair, put hair in messy buns or just have it straight with colorful hair extensions, like Emo style!
  9. When wearing make up, apply liquid eyeliner. The most common style for liquid eyeliner is the cat eye. Wear dark eyeshadow like blue, purple, black, or brown. Wear dark colored lipsticks like black, purple, red, or dark blue. Apply tons mascara or fake eyelashes. Do your nails with dark colors.
  10. Wear spike bracelets, jumbo bangle bracelets, gold chains, large hoop earrings with spikes, ear cuffs, or rings with crosses on them.
  11. Being edgy is awesome! Rock on, yeah!


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