How to Dress and Look Fashionable when You Still Wear Kid's Sizes

Middle school is an awkward time. Some kids are really tall, some really short. It's always a hassle trying to find great clothes that are cute, fitted, unique, and not too expensive. So where do you shop? What do you want to look for? And what are some do-it-yourself tricks to do?


  1. Plan a day to go shopping. Make sure that you know this is going to be a hardcore shopping trip.Dress%20and%20Look%20Fashionable%20when%20You%20Still%20Wear%20Kid's%20Sizes%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Find miniskirts and short-shorts, they make your legs look longer. Dress%20and%20Look%20Fashionable%20when%20You%20Still%20Wear%20Kid's%20Sizes%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Get fitted jeans. They elongate your figure.Dress%20and%20Look%20Fashionable%20when%20You%20Still%20Wear%20Kid's%20Sizes%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Look for tunics or get a fitted, ribbed shirt from juniors. It will fit around the your body but be long at the bottom.Dress%20and%20Look%20Fashionable%20when%20You%20Still%20Wear%20Kid's%20Sizes%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Buy V-neck shirts from juniors and wear camis underneath. Dress%20and%20Look%20Fashionable%20when%20You%20Still%20Wear%20Kid's%20Sizes%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Cut your old clothes is a great do-it-yourself way to have new clothing. You don't have to go on a big shopping spree. You can fix up your old clothing such as cutting a skirt shorter or cuffing pants.Dress%20and%20Look%20Fashionable%20when%20You%20Still%20Wear%20Kid's%20Sizes%20Step%206.jpg
  7. Use the freedom of accessories to express yourself. For instance, if you still want to look 80's even though all you could find was some leggings and a miniskirt, get an over-sized V-neck sweater and layer it over a cami. Then add some big beads and matching earrings. Finish with some hot sneakers or an awesome pair of flip-flops. Or you can be totally preppy by matching your tank and miniskirt with flip-flops.Dress%20and%20Look%20Fashionable%20when%20You%20Still%20Wear%20Kid's%20Sizes%20Step%207.jpg



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