How to Dress and Look Like Jasmine from Aladdin

Here are simple steps on what to do to look like princess Jasmine.


How to Dress Like Jasmine

  1. Use clothes that you already have to save money and time.
    • A turquoise dress
    • Or turquoise crop top and capris
    • Or turquoise romper
  2. Use gold bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings ,or headbands to spruce up your outfits. Turquoise shoes would look best, but gold ones are ok too.

How to Look Like Jasmine

  1. For long hair, start by making ponytail. Then a couple of inches lower, make another ponytail, then a few more inches down, make more ponytails until you can't place anymore.
  2. For short hair, if you can, curl and place a nice headband in so that your hair still looks nice, but you don't have to do anything drastic.

How to Act Like Jasmine

  1. Follow these steps to act like Jasmine:
    • Be kind
    • Be caring
    • Put others before yourself
    • Put your princess on and have a great day
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