How to Dress and Look Simple

Dress%20and%20Look%20Simple%20Intro.jpgA simple look is a look that is easy to maintain without much effort. You can feel confident looking simple. You will be beautiful looking simple. People will not look at you for your clothes, but for who you are as a person.


  1. Know that after showering at night, part your hair to the side. If you have bangs, part your hair in the middle to keep them down and straight. However you may part it, make sure that your hair will stay out of your face.
  2. Get dressed wearing a pair of classic blue jeans. Classic jeans are very skinny and tight, do not flair out a lot and are not baggy. They fit you just right and should come down just above the balls on the sides of your feet. Then, wear a solid color t-shirt. The length of the shirt should just cover where you put a belt on your jeans. Wear simple sneakers like converse or vans .
  3. Wear your hair in a ponytail smack dab in the middle of the back of your head. No bumps.You can also wear a braid or straighten. If you have bangs, comb the hair from your bangs back in the ponytail. If you parted your hair to the side, don't flip your hair back in the ponytail. Just leave it neatly parted.
  4. Wear some clear lip gloss, maybe some mascara.



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