How to Dress as a Squid

Squid.JPGSquids- The ugliest things in the seven seas. But you know it, you've always wanted to dress like one. Go out on New Years Eve with some other fellow fish and wreck (Minimal) havoc upon your neighborhood.


  1. Squid1.JPGFirst off, you will need some essential materials. If you want something rather simple, go with cotton fabric. But now if you want it to be the real thing, spandex is the best choice. You will need spandex pants and shirt. *Note* Make sure it comes is a variety of colors, as squids are generally more than one color. *Note* Spandex pants and shirt will be needed.
  2. Have a friend (or friends) cut the legs or sleeves off extra spandex clothes you purchased. Sew up the ends and fill the sleeves or legs with some solid,but nothing too heavy. Once full, (if not you) have someone sew the other end up and then sew it to the bottom of your spandex shirt. These will be the tentacles, and it really doesn't mater how many you have, just as long you have a few.
  3. Purchase some sheets of spandex fabric, and then use stiff paper to wrap to up into a cone shape. This will be the squids head. As this will be over your face, MAKE SURE you have clear eye holes, and breathing pockets. Once this is done, put it on to see how you like it. Then you can add some big eyes of a nose. *Note* Make sure eye and breathing holes are lined up with your face correctly.
  4. Squid2.JPGCongrats! You just created your very own squid costume! Now your ready to go party in the streets with your friends (Who are also wearing fish related outfits). Dance in the street, set off some fire crackers, scare people, annoy people, etc! It's your time, spend it wisely oh squidded one!



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