How to Dress if You Like Skirts and Dresses

Dress%20if%20You%20Like%20Skirts%20and%20Dresses%20Intro.jpgIndividual likes and dislikes depend on the person. There are several females who like to wear skirts and dresses. However, this may be scorned down upon. Yet, if done properly, you will look like a beauty queen!


  1. Get them for 'home use'. If you truly feel comfortable in dresses, the first thing to do is to get them for home use. Generally, these should not be used for outside occasions, and only meant for home (after school/work and at night). Nightgowns, called, "maxis", in some parts of the world can be purchased online and occasionally in stores. These differ from bathrobes and are normally loose, hanging cotton dresses for home use.Dress%20if%20You%20Like%20Skirts%20and%20Dresses%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Purchase a variety of skirts for different occasions. Organize a day to shop at the mall or many shops. If you are a school girl without a uniform required, you can buy simple skirts, perhaps with some designs on them. These skirts should generally be anywhere from plain and one color to multi colors with designs imprinted on the cloth. Generally, cotton and polyester work fine. Comply with any school dress codes, such as no short skirts. Normally, a good length to look for would be in the middle of the knees and ankles. These help in any season. To wear them everyday, anywhere between seven and ten skirts will work.Dress%20if%20You%20Like%20Skirts%20and%20Dresses%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Buy suitable tops for the skirts. Medium loose, short (not exposing) t-shirts or simple shirts should work. You can buy them in a set. Alternately, plain colored (black or white) tops or tops with the same color as the skirt will work. Again, the quantity can fall between seven and ten.Dress%20if%20You%20Like%20Skirts%20and%20Dresses%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Consider buying a pair of stockings or leggings. They make the outfit fancier and also shield your legs from the cold. A generally good estimate of how many stockings to buy is around four.Dress%20if%20You%20Like%20Skirts%20and%20Dresses%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Buy good shoes. High-heels and simple sandals will work. In school, you can pass by with sneakers or boots.Dress%20if%20You%20Like%20Skirts%20and%20Dresses%20Step%205.jpg



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