How to Dress in All Black Without Worrying Your Parents

So, you're a teenager and you want to dress in all black. Maybe you want to go goth, or maybe you just want a change of style. However you don't want to worry or annoy your parents, right? Read this to see how to proceed.


  1. Start small, with just a black t-shirt and everything else the same. Your parents won't even notice.Dress%20in%20All%20Black%20Without%20Worrying%20Your%20Parents%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Add black trousers, but keep the outer layer of a jumper, hoodie or something different. This way you'll have a black base layer and if you choose to take your jumper off, it'll seem natural and spontaneous.Dress%20in%20All%20Black%20Without%20Worrying%20Your%20Parents%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Now change your jumper or hoodie to all black. Your parents may notice now, and if they ask, respond by asking them whether they ever did anything like this, which they probably will have. If you really want to get at them, talk about freedom or something more dramatic.Dress%20in%20All%20Black%20Without%20Worrying%20Your%20Parents%20Step%203.jpg
  4. If you want to go goth, here you can start to add makeup, jewelry and accessories. If not, you're done!Dress%20in%20All%20Black%20Without%20Worrying%20Your%20Parents%20Step%204.jpg


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