How to Dress in Different Styles on ROBLOX


Girly/Cute Look

  1. Wear dresses. Most girly girls wear dress, skirts, or skorts. Two really girly dresses that are perfect for this style are: Seashell Pink Dress. It's by the group  Sapphy Caps™ and it was modified by UhmSir. This dress is really girly, and yet extremely cute. Aslo, the Flower Arch Dress by the group 1968 and modified by, again, UhmSir.
  2. Wear a face like the 'Uh Oh' face. Girly/cute is also naive-ish. This face seems rather naive/cute.
  3. Wear the 'Paper Hat' ROBLOX made for 30 robux. It may sound not very girly but it actually kind of is. Or just wear some hair like 'Cinnamon Hair' or 'Blonde Hair' or 'Honey Blonde Ponytails'. Especially the 'Honey Blonde Pony Tails' one. However, DON'T wear the 'America's Sweetheart' hair, as this is more of a big city girl hairstyle.

Big City Girl Look

  1. Wear the 'America's Sweetheart' hair. This goes really well with the 'Mr. Chuckles' face.
  2. Wear an outfit that seems big city like. What I mean by this is wear an outfit like the 'LA Tanktop with Shorts' by iOozi. Or wear a floral tank top and shorts. Something like that.
  3. Wear Robloxian 2. 0

Gothic Chic

  1. Have white, or gray skin and a face like the 'Silence' face, or 'I Didn't Eat That Cookie. ' Also, have the 'Black Hair' and 'Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People' together.
  2. Wear bandages and use your skin colors to create the look or wear an outfit like 'Tanktop + Shorts+ Black Extensions'
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