How to Dress in Drag

So you want to Dress in Drag? Simple as pie. Follow these Fun, Easy steps and soon you'll be wondering why you EVER wore pants/pumps AT ALL!


  1. Make Up. Make up is key. Whether your seeking to transform into a pouting princess or a handsome hunk, make-up will be the one thing that really drives home to the viewer that they are looking at the sexiest human being alive when you lock eyes. Lipstick in combination with a sleek eye/lip liner can enhance even the smallest lips to a bright red pucker. Eyeshadow, for those who want to become in sync with their feminine side, can be a glamorous finishing touch. Choose dark smoky colors to bring a mysterious shimmer the eyes. Or Bright colors such as Pinks, Blues, and Golden Shimmer to produce a flirty eye. For those looking to Butch it up a bit... Use makeup to cover red areas on the face, such as blushing cheeks or use a skin neutral matte lipstick to make a more manly mouth. MEN WEAR EYELINER, TOO! So for the daring, ultra-modern looking guy, a light application of solid black eyeliner can embolden a handsome glance.Dress%20in%20Drag%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Choose your Persona. Dressing in drag isn't about your sexuality. It's about adopting the life of a person of your choosing. Be who you want to be. Choose certain values about your favorite female/male and use those as a guideline for your brand new persona. Whether it be the person's ultra-glamorous style or Business-like demeanor, take that as a basis to build on. Be creative! Be inspired!Dress%20in%20Drag%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Listen to Cher/Lady Gaga! Or any music which moves the soul of your new persona. Watch a Clint Eastwood movie to learn how to walk the walk, or perhaps an Episode of America's Next Top Model to learn a runway strut. Find media and music that makes you feel like making a switch. Find up-beat jams to dance to while you dress! It will encourage you to be bold and give you the inspiration to strut your stuff!Dress%20in%20Drag%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Do your Homework! Watch others interact for social and fashion gender-specific cues. Practice them and use them appropriately.Dress%20in%20Drag%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Be CONFIDENT! A shameful walk and a weak handshake aren't signs of a proud person. Embrace your new persona! Practice dressing until you feel awesome. Don't expect to get everything right the very first time. It takes time and patience to perfect the art of Drag.Dress%20in%20Drag%20Step%205.jpg


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