How to Dress in Japan

Love Japanese trends? Ever wanted to dress in one of the styles? Well, keep reading to find out more!


  1. Find out about different styles. Are you interested in the rare Ganguro or Yamanba styles, or are J rock and gothic lolita more your thing? Have a look at Harajuku styles on Google and take your pick!Dress%20in%20Japan%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Dress according to that style! Get some information on the trend you like and put your own twist on it.Dress%20in%20Japan%20Step%202%20Version%202.jpg
  3. If you're allowed to, experiment with make-up and try out new hairstyles and/or hair colours. Dress%20in%20Japan%20Step%203%20Version%202.jpg
  4. If you don't think you could pull off a full style or feel that you'd be uncomfortable wearing all of the items involved, tone it down and just take elements from the looks. Dress%20in%20Japan%20Step%204%20Version%202.jpg



Things You'll Need

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