How to Dress in Knee Length Skirts

So, your parents don't let you wear pants and you have to wear knee-length skirt or dresses or you just adore knee length skirts. Don't despair! Below are some tips on wearing knee-length skirts.


  1. Know the basis of your wardrobe. Everyone says "jeans are the staple of any wardrobe"; well, not in yours! Your staple would be a Denim pencil skirt. However, you might be able to wear a pair of Jeans under a cute and casual dress. If your parents think jeans are bad in general, try saying "It's just a type of fabric,I already wear (Insert your fabric here) pants under my dresses and skirts!"Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Don't limit yourself to one pencil skirt! Wear full skirts, balloon skirts, A-line skirts, Or anything else you want! Just because you have certain clothing standards doesn't mean you have to wear a straight long black UGLY skirt all the time! (or ANY time)Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Get some cute blouses and dresses. Try to remember what your skirt looks like when you go shopping and buy a cute top to go with it. But don't worry If you get a shirt that ended up not really going with the intended skirt; wear it with the denim pencil skirt! It goes with NEARLY everything! So top-shop with ease. Get baby-doll tops,shrugs,jackets,tee-shirts,etc!Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%203.jpg
    • For dresses, you should have TONS! Get them to go with jeans, or leggings or by themselves! Get a dress that's bunched up at the waist, then flows down to your knee. A baby-doll dress with a belt (optional). 3/4 sleeved any style. The kind that have (something that looks like) a skirt built in, or just go shopping and pick up any dress you think is cute, formal or casual.
  4. Wear accessories can bring any outfit to life, and make it your own. Wear bracelets, necklaces, rings, scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, or anything else! Be bold with your accessories, and wear whatever you want!Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Select cute shoes. Shoes can also make or break an outfit. Pick all your footwear based on the occasion. Don't wear sneakers to a wedding, and don't wear heels to a baseball game! If your outfit is very colorful, wear muted color shoes. If you outfit is somewhat earth-tones, let your shoes be the POP of color your outfit needs.Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Outfit Ideas: Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%206.jpg
    • Denim pencil skirt, baby-doll top with a jacket over it, knee high boots, chunky necklaces.
    • A casual dress that's bunched up at the waist then flows down to your knee with jeans under it, and (if it's short or no sleeved) an open knit shrug on top, ballet flats, hair clips or a hat.
    • A spring looking ruffled dress with a denim jacket over it, a bright colored hat,a chunky bead necklace, with sandals or ballet flats.
    • A High-waisted patterned full skirt with a solid tight shirt tucked in,and a long cardigan over it, a wide belt, A headband, chunky heeled shoes.
  7. Look at the pluses if you're forced to wear them. Knee length skirts are less prone to wardrobe malfunctions. For example if it's a really windy day your skirt won't blow up as high as a short one (pencil skirts have even more of an advantage that way as they are closer to your body). Another is longer skirts are becoming fashionable on the runways. You won't be as cold in a knee length skirt as a short skirt in the fall. Knee length skirts can look very retro as they were popular in the 1950s. Another is that many girls don't like wearing extremely short skirts, so which has more pluses, a skirt out of your comfort zone when it comes to showing skin or a skirt that is slightly overboard in your comfort zone?Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%207.jpg
  8. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash your face every day. wash your hair every other day, trim and file your nails, wear lots of lip balm, and moisturize your face every day!Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%208.jpg
  9. Remember, you CAN look cute, pretty, or beautiful in knee length skirts. So don't let it get you down! Be confident in who you are and no one will care!Dress%20in%20Knee%20Length%20Skirts%20Step%209.jpg


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