How to Dress in New York in the Summer

Whether you're living in New York and spending a day about the city or traveling to the city during summer, you're likely to encounter some fairly warm to hot weather. Given that it's an urban environment with a lot of concrete and buildings, the heat can feel even stronger on some days. Dressing for comfort and for style can seem a bit of a challenge in this fashion conscious city but it's perfectly doable with a bit of know-how.


  1. Wear a short sleeved T-shirt or other shirt with short sleeves. This base layer is crucial to keeping cool when the weather heats up (and it will during summer), allowing you to feel comfortable as well.
  2. Wear either a short skirt, skorts or shorts, if possible. If you don't have any or don't feel like wearing them, wear long pants. However, choose pants which are lightweight, in natural fabrics that breathe well and allow for plenty of airflow. Choose light colors, to help reflect the sun and heat. Note that wearing jeans is not the best option during the hot weather, as you'll feel weighted down and hot.
  3. Pack a lightweight sweater. It can suddenly get chilly, although that's very rare during the day and more likely in the night or early mornings. Anything from cardigans to pull-overs will work, but avoid wearing thick wool. The best options include cotton, silk, bamboo, lightweight merino and blends that breathe well.
  4. Wear sneakers if you're taking long walks. If you want to get to a short-distance destination, flip-flops will do. Crocs can work too, but may give you blisters. Avoid wearing thick boots.


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