How to Dress in Style when You Have a Big Build

Not everybody is built like a Barbie or Ken doll. You can still look like you're in style if you have a big build. Here is some advice for people with a big build.


  1. First consider your shape. Are you an apple or a pear?Dress%20in%20Style%20when%20You%20Have%20a%20Big%20Build%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Look at other Big Build people and observe how their clothing fits. You will see that tight fitting clothes look horrible on large people. Look closely at the clothing of large people whom you think look the way YOU'D like to look. You will probably decide that the best styles for us are those which have vertical lines, are loose fitting - but not sloppy!Dress%20in%20Style%20when%20You%20Have%20a%20Big%20Build%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Don't worry about being in fashion. The goal is to look good!Dress%20in%20Style%20when%20You%20Have%20a%20Big%20Build%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Check out the plus size stores for elegant fits. If you are a female, there are plus size stores that carry an array of fashion clothing. Plus size clothing is no longer boring. You can look chic and sexy. Always ask a sales clerk for help, they may pick some outfits for you to try on. Dress your body. Clothes always look better when they fit properly.Dress%20in%20Style%20when%20You%20Have%20a%20Big%20Build%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Accessorize. A simple white crisp blouse that fits you properly, will look good with a belt, necklace, whatever you can think of. Consider adding a jacket for a longer look.Dress%20in%20Style%20when%20You%20Have%20a%20Big%20Build%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Men there are a lot of stores that are for tall and big men. They would carry fashionable merchandise especially for you. They have a huge selection. Whether it's suits, casual wear, they have it.Dress%20in%20Style%20when%20You%20Have%20a%20Big%20Build%20Step%206.jpg
  7. Ask the sales people for help. They would have expertise in dressing the bigger build.Dress%20in%20Style%20when%20You%20Have%20a%20Big%20Build%20Step%207.jpg



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