How to Dress in Your Mother's Indian Clothes if You Are a Teen

Indian clothing is normally easy to wear in terms of size. Being a teen, it is okay to wear your mother's Indian clothing with her permission. However, it may not fit exactly, so be prepared on what to do.


  1. Determine what kind of clothing you are wearing. Read up on Indian clothing if you do not know, or ask a parent. Your mom should know if she owns the clothes.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%201.jpg

Salwar Kameez

  1. A salwar kameez is basically a loose, fashionable top (long top) with either loose or tight pants on the bottom, depending on what type of top it is. More modern outfits have the tighter pants.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%202.jpg
  2. Take out all of the outfit. It should include the top, pants, and a scarf. Wear the top first. If you wear bras, then consider wearing a tank top with a bra attached to it because they tend to be thinner in terms of showing.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%203.jpg
  3. If the top is loose, then gather up some fabric at the shoulders. From the inside, use a pin to hold them in place. Alternately, do this at the back of the shirt. It will help greatly.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%204.jpg
  4. Wear the scarf. You can wear it on your shoulders. If it is too long, then wear it as a shawl but don't cover the front part of yourself.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%205.jpg
  5. The pants are the last part. You can pull them up and tie them to the waist as much as possible. It is much easier to use hard-tails (long ones) instead. They are black and will fit with anything.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%206.jpg

Ghagra Choli

  1. Know what kind of clothing you are trying on. This is a decorative top and long skirt.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%207.jpg
  2. Wear the top first. Follow the same directions as you would for salwar tops if it is too loose.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%208.jpg
  3. Wear the scarf next, the same way as with the salwar. If this top shows your belly, leaving you uncomfortable, then use the scarf to cover up.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%209.jpg
  4. Wear the skirt. Pin the waist if it's too large. Fold the waist of the skirt to fit you, or stitch up the hem.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%2010.jpg


  1. This is perhaps the most complicated; be ready. This is six yards of cloth to drape around you. You need to know how to do this. Dress in a Sari.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%2011.jpg
  2. Follow the same directions as you normally would. Drape it around you more if it is too long. Alternately, drape some of it over your head.Dress%20in%20Your%20Mother's%20Indian%20Clothes%20if%20You%20Are%20a%20Teen%20Step%2012.jpg



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