How to Dress in Your Thirties (for Men)

By the time men reach their thirties many are settled at work and at home and if this is your situation you may have let your appearance become less of a priority as other issues take over. For this reason it is very easy to find yourself stuck in a bit of a style rut during your thirties. You may tend to stick with the same hair cut, that has served you well for the last few years, and find that your wardrobe is a little lacking in ‘current’ pieces.

The good news is that you probably know what you like and dislike, and what kind of ‘look’ you are comfortable with. Those awkward teen and twenty years of experimentation and those fashion disasters are behind you so you can move forward with confidence. Here are some tips on how to look great in your thirties.


  1. Polish your style. Consider people your age whose look you admire. What is it about their hair style and what they wear that keeps them ahead of the game? This can be a great way to gain inspiration for your own updated look. A lot can depend on body shape and skin colouring so take this into consideration when pinning down a style that you feel happy with.Dress%20in%20Your%20Thirties%20(for%20Men)%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Out with the old. Go through your current wardrobe and remove anything that is clearly unlikely to get another airing. While 90s fashions such as military boots have resurfaced recently there is no excuse for combat trousers!Dress%20in%20Your%20Thirties%20(for%20Men)%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Key items. Make sure you have work and formal wear covered and invest in some of those other essential items, like a decent jacket or coat for colder days and some superior quality shoes.Dress%20in%20Your%20Thirties%20(for%20Men)%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Fit. Pay attention to size. If you have outgrown a treasured item don’t wear it just because it used to look good, invest in something that flatters your frame as you are today.Dress%20in%20Your%20Thirties%20(for%20Men)%20Step%204.jpg
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