How to Dress in a School Uniform

We all get tired of our same, boring school uniform. But we don't do anything to brighten it up in fear of punishment for breaking the rules. Well, this article is to show you how to get away with looking pretty.


  1. <b>Make-up. </b> Now when I say make-up don't go wild! Just natural make-up that won't be noticed but will enhance your beauty. Like:Dress%20in%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%201.jpg
    • Clear mascara,
    • Concealer to match your skin tone. (NOT FOUNDATION. TOO RISKY)
    • Skin coloured eye-shadow.
    • Lip balm. (if it gets noticed, say you have sore / chapped lips.)
  2. <b>Hair. </b> It's fun with hair because there is not much teachers can say about it.Dress%20in%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%202.jpg
    • It's a good idea to take the time straighten it, curl it, crimp it. etc. Whatever suites you best.
    • Accessorize with brightly coloured ribbons or headbands. Or you could buy giant, brightly coloured clips.
    • Use a volumizer to show off your layers. (if you have any)
  3. <b>Accessories! </b> Show off your individuality with some great, bright accessories!Dress%20in%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%203.jpg
    • Buy a big handbag for school. If it is black, decorate it with pins, badges. Or even your school tie!
    • Wear a signature accessory; like a necklace with a charm on it that has your initials engraved in it. Or just a vintage bracelet.
    • Give your shoes a punk-goth/scene thing buy wearing black on black converse to school. Or wear black shoes with bright coloured shoelaces.
  4. <b>Coat/Jacket. </b> You could a wear a bright coloured hoodie or a pretty black jacket that pulls in at the waist to show off your glam figure.Dress%20in%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%204.jpg
  5. <b>Confidence. </b> Remember that you are nothing if you don't have to confidence to pull of the fab school look you have created for yourself. So go out there and <b>SMILE!</b>Dress%20in%20a%20School%20Uniform%20Step%205.jpg


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