How to Dress in the Hippie Style for Summer (Girls)

The hippy look can be beautiful and unique, and you don't have to be a Greenpeace member to pull it off and still look cute.


  1. Get hair and make-up right. Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%201.jpg
    • Make-up should be kept natural and understated, because this is about expressing individuality there's a lot of freedom, but generally really bright artificial colours and dark lips are avoided. The key is to look fresh and gorgeous.Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%201Bullet1.jpg
    • When you think about hippy hair you probably think dreadlocks... dreads can be amazing but they are a long term commitment! Braiding is a temporary way to create hippy hair, and you can add lots of beads and other details.Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%201Bullet2.jpg
    • Hippy hair can be as low maintenance as you like, natural kinks and waves should always be left in. If you have longer hair you may want to plait it overnight to give a beautiful wavy effect. Don't use too many products, the key is to have it healthy but natural.Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%201Bullet3.jpg
  2. Get some headbands. Headbands, which are very on-trend at the moment (check out Mischa Barton, pictured, for how to do it right!) especially for long hair.Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Try putting your hair up. If your hair is somewhat short - don't worry! Loose, hippy up-do's are fabulous! Invest in a few sparkly or beaded bobby pins, or a silk hair scarf if you like - or really any colourful hair accessories you like, and make little plaits/braids and twist other sections of hair and pin them at the back of your head, then tuck the ends over at the back and pin them up. Pull a few strands loose, add a couple of curls if you want, spray lightly and you have a beautiful casual up-do!Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Work on the 'hippy' clothes! Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%204.jpg
    • The clothes are the most fun part, you can really play with colour and texture whilst being comfy.Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%204Bullet1.jpg
    • Long floaty skirts are perfect for this look. If yours is a bit plain then tie a colourful silk scarf around the waistband and sew a few beads to the hem.Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%204Bullet2.jpg
    • Flared jeans should probably be left in the 70's where they belong, baggy or old jeans in a size up, can look brill and very hippy though - without looking like 1969 just threw up all over you ;). I like to wear my boyfriends' old jeans with flip flops and a tight, flowery top and beaded cardigan. The hippy look can be very, very feminine - so always go for a pretty top with big jeans!Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%204Bullet3.jpg
    • You don't have to cover up your legs whilst rocking this look, frayed denim skirts, shorts, sarongs and little floaty dresses are all leggy alternatives! I like to buy big men's jumpers from charity shops to wear over short skirts when it gets colder, it's a cute way to keep cuddly.Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%204Bullet4.jpg
    • Now for the top half! Anything goes really - a general rule is to wear slightly tighter (not all-out revealing though!) more feminine tops, such as vests with cardigans when you're covering up your legs, and baggier tops such as jumpers and band tees when you're showing them off. This way your look is feminine but still casual and comfortable.Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%204Bullet5.jpg
    • Band tees can be really cool, just make sure you know the band you're wearing over your heart!Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%204Bullet6.jpg
  5. Accessorize with bangles, kooky bags, hand-made beaded jewelry, badges, and a big old pair of sunnies - and you're good to go! Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Don't be afraid of a splash of colour, but don't go all out. It's really fun to do, and there are lots of brilliant techniques you can play around with too!Dress%20in%20the%20Hippie%20Style%20for%20Summer%20(Girls)%20Step%206.jpg



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