How to Dress on Trend This Winter (for Men)

If you have an important engagement in the pipeline or just need to make a good impression, dressing on trend is a good place to start. So read on to discover what we at Talent Management suggest for this season’s must-have pieces, colour palette choices and accessories.


  1. Focus on your colour palette. Dress%20on%20Trend%20This%20Winter%20(for%20Men)%20Step%201.jpg
    • In just a few words, this season is all about top to tail grey. Alongside the ever present blacks, rich leathery browns, and navy tones, grey basically monopolises this season’s colour palette. Luckily, this makes mixing and matching easy. So from deep charcoals and slates, to warm and cool greys, think neutral for the majority of your wardrobe.
    • To stay fashion forward, dress head to toe in grey garments, mixing up the look with contrasting fabrics, textures and shades.
  2. Identify winter's 'must haves'. Dress%20on%20Trend%20This%20Winter%20(for%20Men)%20Step%202.jpg
    • In terms of winter’s must-haves, we recommend investing in a bomber jacket. Almost every designer has shown one in their A/W collection, from Pringle of Scotland to Burberry. Lined with thick wool or faux fur, not only do they look great, but they are a lot warmer than the classic trench you may be tempted to steer towards.
    • Chequered ties have also made a comeback. From bold and thick patterns, to thin, subtle designs, it's a smart look that you should find easy to incorporate in your outfit without feeling overly dressy.
    • Chequered shirts remain a strong look too. They have filtered out onto the high street left right and centre, so shouldn’t be too difficult to hunt out.
    • Chunky, heavy cable knits are another fashionable, but practical must-have. Look out for them in turtle necks, muffler scarves and snoods.
    • And again, rugged, lace-up boots are essential for the snowy days ahead, all while being bang on trend. Wear loosely tied with skinny trousers or jeans tucked in or turned up.
  3. Integrate key trends. Dress%20on%20Trend%20This%20Winter%20(for%20Men)%20Step%203.jpg
    • Key trends to look out for this winter include contrasting sleeves. Whether that be chunky knitted sleeves on a suit jacket, as seen on Les Hommes, Costume National and John Richmond, or leather sleeves on a winter coat, as seen on Gianfranco Ferre, DSquared and Z Zegna, this trend will distinguish you from the crowds and is perfect for the man who prefers a smart-casual appearance and likes to mix up his textures.
  4. Layer. Dress%20on%20Trend%20This%20Winter%20(for%20Men)%20Step%204.jpg
    • Layering is prevalent across all A/W collections. Layer up with a short over long combination of luxurious materials, such as rich wools and leathers.
    • We recommend trying a mismatching waistcoat over a casual shirt; a popular look at Dolce & Gabbana.

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