How to Dress on a First Date

Girls,everybody wants to impress a guy on the first date,but still look appropriate and classy but still a little sassy.


  1. First things first,take a hot nice bath from head to toe before the date and don't' stress to much its like you going out with a friend but it's a guy instead. Act normal don't be somebody your not a guy will notice that,trust me.
  2. Ok so after that nice hot and relaxing bath its time to do make-up. I like doing my make-up first cause I know how clumsy I am sometimes and i spill everything on my clothes and we don't want that to happen,right ?.Course not,so keep you make-up clean natural don't go over the top we want the guy to see the real us and we want him to fall in love with us not just how we look.So keep it simple :)
  3. Moving on. .............DRESS TIME,so many girls stress a lot when it comes to clothes,when it's really easy,we don't want to look like we just came from the gym or worse like a prostitute,so keep them girls inside.Know really why do people find it so hard to actually wear something for a date it's SO easy,you can wear a good pair of jeans and a nice shirt to go with it a cute necklace and a comfortable pair of boots or maybe a little bit girly a cute flowy dress maybe with a nice pattern on it and a pair of boots and if you going with a plain dress a necklace and some bracelets and maybe a leather jacket should to the trick. ;)
  4. So know your done see it's not that hard remember to act yourself be polite and maybe a little flirty at times but the thing to remember is to have fun and if the guy doesn't respect you or tries to pull a few dirty tricks that you don't like grab that soda that's on the table and pour it down on his head boy do say that they like drama don't they ?


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