How to Dress on the First Day of Freshmen Year

Whether your school has uniforms or not, how you dress is a major impression. It's always a good idea to dress nicely and fashionably.


  1. Dress for success. Dress%20on%20the%20First%20Day%20of%20Freshmen%20Year%20Step%201.jpg
  2. If your school has a uniform, make sure to ask before customizing it. You don't want to break the rules and get detention or suspension for messing with your uniform. If you're allowed to spice it up, add cute little accessories and go along the boundaries of the rules until you like how you look.Dress%20on%20the%20First%20Day%20of%20Freshmen%20Year%20Step%202.jpg
  3. If your school doesn't have a uniform, you're in luck. Always look your best on the first day of school. If you wear something expensive and trendy, people will probably assume that you're a trendy person who doesn't waste money on rip-off clothing. Never be plain on the first day of school unless you're looking to be lost in the crowd. If you want to make friends and have people notice you, pick the cutest and most attractive outfit you can and do your hair and makeup nicely. Or if you're a guy, make your hair look nice and guys can usually throw anything on and look good on the first day.Dress%20on%20the%20First%20Day%20of%20Freshmen%20Year%20Step%203.jpg
  4. When it comes to jewelry and accessories, don't go too over-the-top. If you're a trendy person when it comes to clothes and fashion, check the trends for the year and go along with it and add your own twist. Add some cute bracelets and some rings and maybe add a bow to your hair or headband. Never be afraid to be bold. You'll stand out and people will know you more, but be sure to NOT be tacky. You can be bullied if you're tacky or buy tacky clothes.Dress%20on%20the%20First%20Day%20of%20Freshmen%20Year%20Step%204.jpg
  5. As school goes along, try not to lose your stylish touch. Try to not re-wear anything too much or it'll get boring and ordinary and you'll begin to blend into the crowd. Keep your closet updated throughout the year if you can and if there's something in your closet you've never worn before, go for it! Match it with that pair of shoes you never got around to wearing.Dress%20on%20the%20First%20Day%20of%20Freshmen%20Year%20Step%205.jpg



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