How to Dress to Add Curves to Your Body

Have you ever wanted a curvy and voluptuous body? Sadly, not everyone is blessed with such assets. However, not being blessed with such a body naturally should not be a reason for you to feel disheartened. You see, there are lots of ways on how to put instant curves to your otherwise straight body, using how you dress.


  1. Wear an illusion dress to an event.  If you want to look gorgeous and curvaceous to an event, wear an illusion dress like this glam maxi dress. It has a contrasting panel at the side shaped specifically to create an illusion of wide hips and a narrow waist. Pair it with stilettos, and your posture will improve as well.Dress%20to%20Add%20Curves%20to%20Your%20Body%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Sport an A-line or full skirt. To hide your small hips, wear a full skirt. Opt for the mini or knee-length kind so you don't look like a Barbie-princess wannabe. Just think of 1950's skirts and you'll be able to select the right one. Tuck in a tight-fitting top and belt to give emphasis on the skirt's fullness, tricking the eyes of curves.Dress%20to%20Add%20Curves%20to%20Your%20Body%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Don a pencil skirt. Choose a pencil skirt that's made of fabric that clings to the body to get instant curves. Opt for one that's elastic and has a wide waistband, and the skirt will surely give your boyish frame the feminine curves it needs. This works most of the time because it hugs in the waist just right, fitting at the hips perfectly.Dress%20to%20Add%20Curves%20to%20Your%20Body%20Step%203.jpg
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