How to Dress to Attract Men

Ever wondered why that guy doesn't like you even though you put on your best assets? Then read this because it will definitely change the way men think of you!


  1. Be hygienic. Men are more attracted to women who smell fresh, and that doesn't mean coats and coats of strong perfume. That means well-working deodorant and a little perfume that smells fresh, and not overpowering. A little spice might be good, but not too much as most men don't like that.
  2. Dress casually. Some women dress in a formal way to the park, which is totally unnecessary. Dress casually but still look like you put effort into it. A tank top beneath a loose knitted sweater with jeans and converse will attract men almost instantly, for example.
  3. Dont hide your assets. Maybe putting on a loose knitted sweater might be good, but sometimes, hiding your assets is not good. If you have shaped legs, wear shorts or skirts, don't be afraid to show off! Or if you have a flat stomach, show off that by wearing cropped tops!
  4. Apply a reasonable amount of makeup. If your going to prom, just a classic look should look fine. But you don't need to put that on just for going to the park. Men like it natural. Just slap on a little concealer, not too much. Highlight and contour your face, as well as a little natural blush and lip balm.
  5. Wear the right pair of shoes. Try to wear thick heels, wedges or flats at outdoor dates. Stilettos are for restaurants and prom. Never wear stilettos on the field, and never wear them to the beach also. Never wear high heels for running, so consider flats or converse instead.
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