How to Dress to Fit Your Style

Dress%20to%20Fit%20Your%20Style%20Intro.jpgNo one ever knows if they look good or not, 99% of the time people lie to make you feel better. So, you need to take control and see what YOU look good in and don't leave it up to other people to decide. So follow some of these steps. They aren't instructions they are merely suggestions or guidelines.


  1. Experiment. Remember you're never going to know if you look good unless you try. So, get into your comfortable "shopping clothes" and have a look around a shopping centre and try all sorts of styles to see what they look like on you. Don't stick to your usual styles - pick up the clothes that you've dreamed of buying and try them on. Don't buy an item just because it made you feel good, buy selected pieces of clothing that will add/complete your wardrobe.Dress%20to%20Fit%20Your%20Style%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Try on your own wardrobe. Try on stuff from your wardrobe and mix and match stuff.Dress%20to%20Fit%20Your%20Style%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Update your look. Go to a beauty parlour or a hairdresser and try a new style.Dress%20to%20Fit%20Your%20Style%20Step%203.jpg



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