How to Dress to Flatter a Curvier Figure

Curvy figures are often considered the picturesque feminine ideal. Women with curvy figures typically fall under the "hourglass" body type. They have equally predominant busts and hips with a narrow waist. If you have a curvy body type, you should choose pieces that naturally emphasize your waist and keep your top and bottom curves equally balanced out.


Tips on Tops

Pay attention to the fit. Look for tops that emphasize your narrow waist and curvy bust, but avoid shirts that add too much volume to your top unless you plan on pairing them with volume-enhancing pieces on the bottom.

  1. Opt for form-fitting tops over loose tops. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Consider a top with an empire waist. The empire waist nips in at the smallest part of your waist, naturally emphasizing your curves.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Look for belted tops. Thick belts are another way to draw attention to your narrow waist, and some tops come with a belt included in the design.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Add a belt to a non-belted top. Buy a basic top, such as a tube top, knit top, or long-sleeve blouse. Look for fitted cuts. Tie a thick belt or sash around the top at your natural waist.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Consider a wrap-style top. Wrap tops also nip in at the waist, showing off your curves.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Only wear fitted dress shirts, and avoid boxy styles. Look for shirts that have darted waists.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%206.jpg
  7. Try a shirt that adds volume to your bust and shoulders, such as a snug empire waist or flowing blouse with a band at the waist. Always opt for a shirt that nips in at the waist, even for looser designs like these. Make sure you pair voluminous tops with bottoms that also add volume to keep your curves in proportion.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%207.jpg

Tips on Jackets

The right jacket will help you to further emphasize your upper curves without unbalancing them with your lower curves.

  1. Look for form-fitting jackets that nip in at the waist and flare out at the hips. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%208.jpg
  2. Select a length that works for your height. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%209.jpg
    • Shorter women should look for shorter jackets, while taller women can consider longer jackets.
  3. Stick with single breasted jackets, since double breasted jackets may end up adding unwanted bulk that can throw off your curves. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2010.jpg
  4. Avoid jackets with too many pockets or additional detailing that could add bulk to your curves or waist. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2011.jpg

Tips on Pants

Look for pants that balance out whatever top you opt to wear.

  1. Look for pants with wide waistbands that further emphasize the waist. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2012.jpg
  2. Choose a pair of straight-leg pants to wear with a form-fitting top. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2013.jpg
  3. Opt for cargo pants with side pockets to keep the balance of your curves when you wear a fuller top. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2014.jpg
  4. Stick with boot-cut jeans for the most versatility. Select a boot-cut with a slightly more noticeable flare to help balance out your curvy hips.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2015.jpg
  5. Avoid pants with belts, pockets, or other detailing around the hips or rear. These details will just add bulk, throwing off the balance of your curves.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2016.jpg
  6. Consider dark wash jeans that keep you looking slim. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2017.jpg

Tips on Skirts

Select skirts like you would select pants. Look for pieces that balance out your top, and stick with designs that benefit from your natural curves instead of fighting against them.

  1. Gravitate toward curve-hugging pencil skirts or other cuts that skim your figure. High-waisted skirts work especially well.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2018.jpg
  2. Look for a curve-hugging skirt that flares or flounces out around the bottom if you plan on wearing it with a fuller top. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2019.jpg
  3. Pair full skirts, like A-lines, with a full top that adds volume to your shoulders and bust. Full skirts add slight volume to your hips, balancing out a fuller top.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2020.jpg

Tips on Dresses

When it comes to dresses, many styles and fits naturally flatter curvy figures. Take the guidelines you have for matching tops and bottoms, and apply those guidelines to single-piece dresses.

  1. Look for snug fits that emphasize your waist and keep your top and bottom curves balanced. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2021.jpg
  2. Consider a bodice dress that naturally keeps the top and bottom sections looking separate. These dresses typically have a very flattering dividing line or design at the narrowest part of your waist.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2022.jpg
  3. Try on a wrap dress or empire waist dress. Both styles nip in at the waist, making it look even thinner while accentuating your upper and lower curves.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2023.jpg
  4. Look for form-fitting dresses with a diagonal or bias cut to show off your legs and add a bit of visual interest to your style. Make sure you choose one that comes in at the waist, hugs the hips, and falls over your thighs loosely.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2024.jpg

Look at Necklines

The right neckline can also do wonders to enhance your figure. Pay special attention to the neckline of every top and dress you try on.

  1. Try a scooped or boat-neck neckline that hangs low and accentuates your curvy bust. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2025.jpg
  2. Wear V-neck tops, since these also draw attention to your bust. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2026.jpg
  3. Try an off-the-shoulder neckline. These tops and dresses emphasize your slender collarbone.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2027.jpg
  4. Avoid high necklines like turtlenecks. These draw attention away from the waist, downplaying your curves instead of using them to your benefit.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2028.jpg

Choose the Right Fabrics and Patterns

The fabric and pattern of a garment can make a big difference in how that item of clothing looks on you. Look for fabrics that cling to your curves, and stick with simple colors and patterns to avoid throwing your curves out of balance.

  1. Look for sheer, soft fabrics that drape across your body and cling to your curves. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2029.jpg
  2. Avoid stiff fabrics. These fabrics will not hug your figure, and your curves may end up getting masked.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2030.jpg
  3. Consider tops with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes elongate the body, and for garments that nip in at the waist, these stripes also draw into your narrow waist.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2031.jpg
  4. Stay away from bold, busy patterns like large floral prints, large polka dots, or geometric designs. These prints may throw off your curves, making you look unbalanced.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2032.jpg
  5. Stick with simple patterns, like light vertical pinstripes. Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2033.jpg
  6. Opt for solid shades, especially for dresses. Two-tone dresses or single-tone dresses both flatter a curvy figure.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2034.jpg
  7. Steer clear from dresses decorated in heavy beading, sequins, or other embellishments. These extra details only add bulk to your curves, and not often in a flattering way.Dress%20to%20Flatter%20a%20Curvier%20Figure%20Step%2035.jpg


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