How to Dress to Go to an Art Gallery

You have your hair and makeup sorted out, but what to wear? When you go to an art gallery, you don't want to look over-dressed or too casual. So here is how to decide what to wear, and how to dress appropriately.



  1. You can use elimination. Pick out a couple of outfits and decide which would be most appropriate.
  2. If they would all be ok to wear to a gallery, then to narrow it down, see which colours or style compliments you most.

From scratch

  1. If you really have no idea and can't pick even one outfit, then start basic and dress it up.
  2. Grab a plain T-shirt and some jeans.
  3. Maybe change your style of shirt and the colour.
  4. Skinny jeans (especially black) can keep it casual but with some accessories, look quite fancy too.
  5. If you have a brightly coloured shirt, when you accessorise, keep it simple. Do Not use all of these accessories at once! Maybe just earrings and a bracelet, or a ring and necklace.
    • Add earrings. Diamonds or pearls are very pretty, but simple.
    • A bracelet. Again, either crystal or pearl (preferably to match your earring or to be similar).
    • A necklace.
    • A ring(s).
  6. If you think you might be cold because you do not have enough layers or your top isn't warm, then add a cardigan.
    • If you have a bright coloured top, keep the cardigan plain, like white.
    • If your top is white, use a coloured cardigan to add more colour.
  7. With shoes, if you are going to an art gallery, you don't want to be too casual. Trainers or sneakers (e.g. converses/vans/other) would look a bit too casual. However it would not be sensible to be walking around in massive heels.
    • Pumps would look very nice.
    • If you do want heels, make sure they are not too big. 3-4 inch heels would be an appropriate maximum.


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