How to Dress to Hide a Plus Size Figure

Body shape isn't a science. In fact, it's rare for a woman to fit perfectly into any one body shape category. Body shape has been given different names over the ages. Some refer to your silhouette; some, to your outline contours; still, others talk about features. Let's look at the most common shapes and the ways industry professionals use visual tricks to hide plus sized features


  1. Determining your body shape requires you to look at your three body sections. Section 1 is the width of your shoulders/ribcage. Section 2 is the thinnest width of your waist. Section 3 is the width of your hips. Unlike the Vertical Type, when it comes to Body Shape, we are attempting to create balance between the three body sections. Now, let's compare your three sections relative to each other. That will determine your body shape. 
  2. Dressing Pear/Triangle shapes like Jennifer Lopez is about emphasizing your upper half. Dark colors on your hips and verticals are obvious ways to de-emphasize curvy hips. Necklines that draw attention to the bustline are a good first step.
  3. Dressing Apple shapes like Angelina Jolie and Rectangle shapes like Cameron Diaz is strikingly similar. You want to emphasize the shoulder and hip sections and de-emphasize the waist. Your trusty push-up bra brings attention away from the waist.
  4. Dressing Strawberries like Naomi Campbell involves softening your athletic look. You're in a lucky situation where flaring dresses are flattering to your shape because a fuller hip and thigh creates more pleasing balance with your shoulders.
  5. Dressing Marilyn Monroe Hourglass types can be attractive at any plus-sized dress size because the proportions are easy to showcase in nightclub and restaurant settings. Avoid straight cuts and emphasize fitted or curvy, fabrics that have give.


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